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To Travel Is To Live

If someone asks me ‘What do you think is happiness?’ without a second delay I would shoot out that sublime word and that is travelling. We are so lucky to have such a hilarious world where we are free to travel to any part of it. God has given us this beautiful Earth and it is completely our charge to visit each and every place. Travelling has played and still plays an important role in my life. And that is exactly what the title says ‘To travel is to live’.

Travelling has helped me to get rid of so much stress in my life, whether it is related to job or even studies. We all have stress and normally people take medicine or consult a doctor, but in my case travelling is my medicine and my bike is my doctor. People may wonder or even raise an argument that travelling is all expensive. Yes, I would definitely agree with that, but trust me all these expenses are just numbers but the memories you create by exploring the unexplored places will never fade away. And one day when your life flashes before your eyes, confide in me it would be surely worth watching.

Like someone once said ‘if traveling was free, you would never see me again’. And undoubtedly I am by that ‘someone's side. Keep the stresses away, you only live once so better live it to the fullest. So all you need is to travel and to travel is to live.

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