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Our Brand Ambassadors

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The SanthigiriImpact

At SIM, we are committed to grooming leaders with value based education. Our emphasis is eclectic growth of our participants. We try to inculcate the values of humility, honesty and hard work for individual and corporate success. We also endeavor for holistic development of individuals, institutions and society at large. We expose our students to the experiences and case studies for developing the perspective of harmonious coexistence with society and the environment.

Alumni Testimonials


Amrutha Mary Thomas
MBA 2016-18
CRE, Royal Enfield

Santhigiri Institute of Management has given me a platform for identifying and developing my skills, my competencies and helping me to grow as a professional. It has always been successful in giving us enough exposure. I am glad and grateful to all my faculties, who gave me full support.


Jithin James
MBA 2018-20
Assoc,Cauvery Extrusions Pvt. Ltd.

When I am going out from Santhigiri Institute of Management to the ocean of opportunities as an MBA graduate, Effortlessly I can say My college opend a plenty of opportunities to come forward to the crowd and the ambitious professors lead me to being a wonderful opponent infront of others. Thanks to make me best today than yesterday.


Anvitha M Sunny
MBA 2016-18
Auditor, Ocwen financial solutions Pvt Ltd.

Santhigiri Institute Of Management had done a splendid job by inculcating the ability in me to learn and build the strong foundational knowledge provided by them. The entire faculty leaves no stones unturned to shape one's future


Meera Joseph
MBA 2016-18
Senior HR, Mitera Hospitals Pvt Ltd.

Santhigiri Institute of Management and its faculties have put in all the efforts to groom me and my friends to corporate professionals.


Aleena B Prasad
MBA 2018-20
CRM, Club Mahindra

Santhigiri Institute of Management was a wonderful place to be. It helped me to enhance my skills and knowledge. We had faculties with years of Industry experience that helped us to get practical knowledge. I am thankful and proud to be part of SIM.


Amuliya V S
MBA 2018-20
Executive-Scretarial- Bequip advisory

SIM has got a world class infrastructure with peaceful environment for study. Experienced and friendly teachers always trying their level best for the holistic development and professional culture of the students. Higher rate of training programs and placement drives make SIM unique. With no doubt I can say, placement is guaranteed at SIM.


Arjun Bose
MBA 2018-20
Senior Officer- ESAF Bank

SIM provided me an excellent platform and infrastructure to excel in my career interest. My faculties and placement team made me industry ready. We had continuous Industry Interface programs and Industry visits to improve our corporate knowledge.


Anul Jose
MBA 2018-20
CRM, Club Mahindra

I feel proud that  I was one of the students of MBA, Santhigiri Institute of Management. The department has made me gain knowledge and countless opportunities to develop leadership and proactive thinking through various programs and events. My doubts and queries were always welcomed by the lectures and sometimes lead to a healthy discussion which motivated me to develop curiosity and in-depth thinking.  Supporting faculty members and a great placement team helped the entire batch of students to get excellent placement


Johns Jose
MBA 2016-18
Senior Officer- ESAF Bank

Being part of the Santhigiri Institute of Management enabled me to establish and equip myself as a good leader and team player. It also enabled me to develop right attitude for corporate world. I will always be thankful to my peers and faculties.

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