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CMI Fathers in Muvattupuzha responded to the requirements of evergreen management education in our country with the establishment of Santhigiri Institute of Management (SIM) in 2016. Recognizing the pitfalls in management education, particularly the widening gap between theory and practice, SIM was decorated with unique and innovative practices in academics, training & development, administration, research, placement and consultancy. Located in its serene green hills, SIM offers 2-year full-time MBA programme approved by AICTE and affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University to the aspirants at all levels of the society.


CMI Education Policy

We, the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate, after the example of our founder Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara, consider education as the integral formation of the human person for the fulfillment of his/ her individual and social responsibilities.

Our education endeavours at forming leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, psychologically integrated, physically healthy and socially acceptable, who will champion the cause of justice, love, truth and peace, and who are ever open to further growth. The secret of success of our educational institutions is a community of teachers who are committed to their vocation, professionally competent, morally upright, just and humane in dealings, culturally sensitive and who grow in the true vision of education.

We aspire towards creating a just and humane society, where dignity of human person is respected, where unjust social structures are challenged, where our cultural heritage of ahimsa, religious harmony and national unity are upheld, and where the poor and the marginalized are specially taken care of. We reach out to the families, primarily of the students, to assist them in their needs, to share in their joys and sorrows, and to help them experience love and freedom so that the students realize that our educational institutions are an extension of their homes.

Our institutions are open to all students irrespective of caste and creed; they are accepted and cherished as they are and are helped to grow in their cultural, social and religious traditions. As they are privileged to be in our institutions, they will also have the right to get acquainted with the person of Jesus Christ and His Gospel. Being institutions established and administered by and for a minority community based on religion they will give preference to Christians in admissions and appointments and have a special concern for the faith formation of the Christian youth. Our institutions are also open to society at large by making their resources available for the ongoing education and growth.

For the realization of the CMI goal of education, we invite the students, parents and teachers to share this vision and to cooperate with us whole heartedly.

Vision & Mission

Awakening to futuristic Management education through persistently improvising the dynamics of inculcating the best practices for engraving the pillars of managerial acumen

Santhigiri mission is to transform young minds to holistic, inimitable management professionals with underlying elements of prudence, proficiencies and attitude with ethical standards and ecstasy


Our policy is to ensure holistic and inclusive management education to all aspirants through harnessing of finest resources and underlying professional and ethical procedures under the aegis of CMI spirituality



Fr. Abin Kallarackal
MBA, M.Th, B Com, BPhil

Since its inception Santhigiri Institute of Management (SIM) has been aiming to groom socially conscious leaders, managers and entrepreneurs—who contribute not just to the society, but to the planet as well. SIM is committed to excellence in management education, research and training; use of contemporary outcome based, learner-centric, participatory, project based pedagogies and teaching methods, and establishing a presence in the emerging segments of management education.


At SIM, we are committed to grooming leaders with value based education. Our emphasis is eclectic growth of our participants. We try to inculcate the values of humility, honesty and hard work for individual and corporate success. We also endeavor for holistic development of individuals, institutions and society at large. We expose our students to the experiences and case studies for developing the perspective of harmonious coexistence with society and the environment.

We are glad to welcome you to Santhigiri Institute of Management where the future leaders are moulded.

Director Message

PDS SGM 3 1.jpg

Dr. Pradeep S

Management as an enduring profession is omnipresent and ostensive to all Organisations irrespective of category and levels. From the academic perspective, management is an embodiment of human, conceptual, and technical skills aligned with right attitude and conceptual knowledge. 
AICTE has recommended empowering the Institutions through autonomy and facilitated the Universities and Institutions with a thoroughly revised outcome-based MBA Curriculum in 2018. Mahatma Gandhi University responded next year with MBA Regulations and Syllabus 2019 with elements of experiential learning and outcome-based teaching and evaluation process.
At SIM, we provide holistic and immersed management education to the reach of all levels of the society with innovative practices in academics, training & development, placement, research, extra-curricular, and consultancy. Under the aegis of CMI Fathers, we ensure that all candidates will be transformed into unique management personalities.

We are enthused to welcome you to Santhigiri Institute of Management

Governing Body
Council Member Name
Fr. Mathew Manjakunnel CMI
Fr. Paul Parakattel CMI
Fr. Abin Kallarackal CMI
Executive Director
Fr. Shinto Kannukettiyil CMI
Administrator – Finance
Dr. Pradeep S.
Fr. Biju Vettukallel CMI
Fr. Boby Thalikaparambil CMI
Advisory Body
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