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Skills Required for MBA in Finance

  • Supervisory skills

  • Mathematics skills

  • Leadership skills

  • Communication skills

  • Strategic thinking

Financial Management

Finance is at the core of any business. As an area of specialization, Finance is an umbrella that covers many verticals like banking, financial services, merchant banking, capital market, stock trading and investments, money market, derivatives, corporate finance, valuation, international finance, working capital management, mergers and acquisitions, asset pricing, corporate governance and risk management.

The specialisation helps the candidate to get thorough insights into how the financial world functions, the various financial theories and how these can be applied to solve the various business problems.


Your career choice could be in any of these areas: investment banking, asset management firms, hedge funds or private equity, portfolio management, credit risk management, hedge fund management or derivatives. Even the non-financial firms or companies would have their in-house finance department which would provide various job opportunities in finance.

Marketing Management

Marketing specialization has always been the most preferred specialization of students of business management. It not just covers aspects like branding and advertising, but it also includes aspects like “bottom of the pyramid” marketing and marketing in subsistence marketplaces. In an organization, the marketing department spreads out into various areas like advertising, public relations, marketing research, promotions, sales, digital marketing, marketing analytics and consulting. With increasing business competition, companies need to increase their sales, marketing efforts and investments, which in turn creates large job opportunities for students of business management

The marketing department plays a crucial role in any organisation as they are responsible for bringing in new businesses, growing the revenue, increasing market share and contributing to the company’s growth and profitability.

Students opting for this specialisation would be able to get insights into various key areas required for every organisation or corporation, some of which include market research and analysis, competitive analysis, consumer behaviour, customer analysis, business ethics, product management, brand management, advertising, digital marketing and e-commerce. 

Whether your interest area lies in market research or advertising or sales/distribution of FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods), consumer durables or you’d like to work in IT sales, media, marketing of various services, internet marketing, an MBA in marketing will give you the chance to explore jobs in a wide variety of sectors.

Human Resource Management

Skills Required for MBA in HRM

  • Leadership skills

  • Communication skills

  • Strategic thinking

  • Sensitivity

  • Adaptability to change

  • Human capital development skills

Rapid changes and technical disruptions have made Human Resource professionals adopt a critical role in the growth and development of organization. This has not only increased the number of job opportunities in Human Resource, but has made the job roles more challenging and dynamic with a defined career path. At Santhigiri B-School the students are well equipped to fulfil the requirements of the industries.

This area aims to provide the candidate with the knowledge and ability to manage employees and execute the related work processes within a company covering various aspects including recruitment, selection, training and development, designing jobs, assessments and motivation (promotions/rewarding performance of employees), health and safety, compensation and managing exits from a company.

Operations Management

MBA in Operations Management imparts training regarding procuring goods & services from external sources and managing relations with the people involved. In addition to this, the also comprises of interpersonal relations with the stakeholders and maintaining procedures relating to the sustainability of the resources.


The popular jobs in this field are:

Operations Manager, Area Operations Manager, General Operations Manager, Plant Manager, Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Program Manager, Process Managers, Inventory Control Manager, Consultant

Financial Management
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