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Industry Institute Interface Programme

As part of our training and development endeavours, Santhigiri B-School established proximate connectivity with the industry through the unstinted network with the tycoons. All MBA aspirants are required to select 3 industries / sectors and our B-School diligently put efforts to connect the candidate with their dream industry / sector for internships and projects.

  1. Industry Interface Programmes (SITP – III) with students’ participation

  2. Network with Kerala Management Association

  3. Outcome based Evaluation of all Programmes

3i Programs

Industry Visits

  • Industrial visit bridge the gap between classroom theoretical training and practical learning in a real-life environment. 

  • It provides an opportunity for students to ask questions related to their area of interest.  With regular industrial visits, the students are able to identify their prospective area of work like marketing, finance, logistics, etc. 

  • This also gives students a platform to enhance their interpersonal skills.

  • The students get to see the best practices opted by different companies for similar work.

  • Since the IV’s are planned in various sectors, students find it easy to select relevant organizations for their assignments.

  • Using the case study approach within the visit to bring out critical thinking among students.

  • Industrial visits are organised within Kerala, outside Kerala and at International level.

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