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Should India be more open in welcoming the LGBTQ community?

The culture of India doesn’t allow LGBTQ community to be a part of society, but these views have to change. The Government has amended laws to support them albeit limited to mere identity politics. India doesn’t allow the homogenous to thrive and if someone is found homosexual they are shunned. There are many instances of third genders being dehumanized and rather than being the outcasts in society they should be at the forefront of development. I think India’s culture must accommodate the third gender.

The government has amended rights for the betterment of LGBTQs in society but they still face a lot of harassment. Rather than being excluded from certain roles in society, they should be given more opportunities in government services as well as reservations. Our society should be more accepting towards the LGBTQ community, so that can they be productive citizens.


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