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The Shapeless Love

As the water flows through many shapeless realms of the earth, many thought of it as a blessing from the gods. So did the earth who longed for many hundreds of years to have someone to talk to, to fall in love, and to grow old together. Thus came the father of creation to answer all her sorrowful grief. As one of his shapeless fresh falls from the heavens, he became hers forever. His messenger, the rainy clouds was so thrilled with joy that he in his madness called upon the thunder and the lighting to feast with him. Thus like vikings they drunk and feast in madness. Even still they celebrate the union of their master's love.

As the time passed through them, the father deep in love wanted to make love and thus he stretches himself and grabbed his wife tightly, promising her that he would never let go of her even if the world rejects them. Passionately he kissed with his raindrops. Then after there were ponds , rivers, and sea all over his wife's body as she finally gave herself to him as she could no longer resist his touch whenever he follows over her.

As centuries and decades passed through them, their children played, grew and aged over their mother's soil. But as a mother, she didn't have the heart to see her children weeder away so soon. So she at her each delivery tried to give her children more age and perfection by trading hers. Even if it was painful she still suffered it for their sake, alone. For her , her children were the most precious above all things. So she couldn't even bear to see when her children drop one tear and blood over her soil. As tears reminds her of the day when she first met her beloved falling from the heavens and the blood strength of their bond as they live together for eternity.

Now even the evergreen forest could no longer provide a haven for them, as it once used to be.

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