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When I was back in school, I used to think that in life the only help or the best things that would happen to me would be from the people who I mostly knew. But I was wrong. After giving my twelfth board exams I started to work in a company in Kuwait city. So by the time I left for work, my parents would have already left to their offices, and I had to use the private transport.

Every time the bus reached a building people would hop in, in a hurry, except this one building where we had to wait for around 3-5 minutes for a lady who I would see be running and coming to the bus. I still remember the first thing she did when she got on the bus…she would paint her nails in a moving bus and I wondered if she was crazys. And that’s when my phone rang, it was my mother calling me to make sure that I got the bus and as I had a brief chat with my mother and cut the phone the next thing I hear is the phrase that gives an excitement to every Malayalee living outside Kerala or even India, and that was “ Malayalee anno “. Trust me that was the last thing I expected she would say because with all that looks and style of hers I thought she was from Goa or Mangalore.

And that my friends was how I met a stranger I would never forget, we discussed travelling, life, God and even love and mind you she was around her 40s so you can guess the age gap. It came to such a point that in those 2 months, the little chats we had, gave me so much relief and happiness. And no, we are not in touch anymore. The point is, I do believe some people who we meet puts on the essence in our lives and somewhere down the line its' fragrance still refreshes us every time. And ever since then I too wanted to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

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