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“Big Ocean Of Knowledge”, these words itself inspires every human being. If we sense the morality that we can acquire from a book, truthfully it is always easy to get along with the flow of this ocean of knowledge. But now, the world is ruled by social media and therefore, at times the shore is empty. “What do we get by reading books?” Now this is the interrogation among many of us and the answer to this is simple, a book is equal to wisdom and peace. Reading is the real investment for our mind because, it helps us to broaden our perspectives about the world. The waves of this ocean is as powerful as that it could make things look more beautiful. A book teaches us the connotation of the word forgiveness. The best thing to witness ever is the growth and transformation of a human from being a “bibliophobe” (hatred of books) to a reader who can taste the calmness and hidden peace and prosperity that is within oneself. Reading can help us to reach the point of realization where we can find the actual difference between reel and real world and also improves the quality of our life. Let this peace pass through everyone and now it is time to sense the real taste of this “Big Ocean Of Knowledge”.

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